Based in Bari, Italy since 1947 we base our success on quality, research and innovation. This combined with our focus on customer care and optimization of materials, has given us the capabilities to expand internationally. All based on strict observance of the ethical and professional code.

Romagno Marmi

We are an industrial reality that promotes and values the heart of artisanship. The high quality of our products is obtained through an optimal combination of industrial technologies and artisan processes of production.

Our research and development team of experts has the perfect combination of knowledge in advanced technologies and historical traditional values, which gives us a unique position in the market.

In our collections we have products which reflect different cultures and languages, through an offering which includes a wide range of products which ultimately improves the quality of choice for the customer.

In addition to fabricating tiles, slabs and custom basins, baths and decorative details, Romagno Marmi also offers an exclusive range of high-end porcelain tiles & slabs, as well as some exquisite wooden tiles, all of which reflect the quality one would expect from the finest Italian stone masons.

Baths, shower trays, basins, steel, modern, contemporary, traditional, anti-slip