Consulting the archives of the Manufacture de Saint Gobain, it is early in the 18th century that we were able to find employees named Brot and it is to one of them, François Brot, that the famous House owes its establishment in 1826, in the heart of Old Paris, near the historic Place de la République.

Miroir Brot

In 1875, Brot creates and patents an absolutely revolutionary mirror, the triple mirror which immediately acquires a worldwide reputation. This is the mirror that the Connoisseur simply call ‘un miroir Brot’.
Few decades later, in 1927, Brot innovates again in creating the concept of the magnifying illuminated mirror. The Mirophar was born. Initially conceived to be used in vehicles, it is in the Luxury Hotels that the Mirophar eventually found its place. More than a simple gadget, this amenity brings the user all the comfort they may expect for a meticulous make-up or shaving experience.

The revolutionary spotlight cleverly designed into the mirror surface prevents the mirror from misting while providing a direct and soft illumination for detailed make-up application or barber-clean shaving. Still made in our workshop in Paris, it is for almost two centuries that Miroir Brot carries on the local age-old tradition of glass and copper brass working. Our Master glassmakers and brass craft-men make following ageless techniques and know-how a wonderful and prestigious collection of mirrors.

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