Jandelle traces its roots from three generations of architects who have taken part in the development of the living environment in the genuine French tradition of quality and prestige.


It started with the construction of a great number of Parisian buildings in the 19th century and traditional handicraft Jandelle Paris has been carrying on the art of metal leaf work, copperware and copper boiler-work in order to produce sinks, washbasins and bathtubs considered as original and unique pieces.

Jandelle products, based on massive copper or brass, are manually hammered after a meticulous boiler-work and before a specific surface treatment. The production process of a basin or a bathtub enquires more than forty different operations.

The modern techniques of formatting and surface treatment, combined with our constantly enriched powers of design creativity, allow us, on the basis of a hundred basic models, to offer an infinite variety of products which is perfectly adapted to the desires of each of our customers.

Due to the elegant mixture of tradition and innovation in addition to the unique quality and charm of hand-made work, the pieces of art are exported worldwide and may be found in several prestigious places, palaces, yachts, jets and at the home of individuals who love eleganceand are generally advised by talented and well known architects and home designers.

Baths, shower trays, basins, steel, modern, contemporary, traditional, anti-slip