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We recognise the value that a professional and experienced Contractor can bring to any Project. We always advise our Client’s to employ a quality Contractor and we are pleased to recommend Contractors who have a proven track record.

We supply Quality and largely luxury, hand made fittings. These fittings require an appreciation of their value and the need for them to be handles appropriately, especially during installation.

Many of our products are produced my smaller artisans and occasionally, Contractors are nervous to install such fittings, preferring an easier plug-and-play option from a mass manufacturer. We understand these concerns and are always on hand to provide detailed information and reassurance to any Contractor, in order to alleviate any such concerns.

Furthermore, we recognise the need for fittings to be delivered on-time, to prevent delays with any fit-out schedule and we work closely with you and our Manufacturer’s to ensure that products are available when you expect them to be.

We also pride ourselves on our after-sales service, which is unparalleled in the Industry. When other Suppliers have been paid and disappear, we will still be there for years to come, to ensure any servicing and maintenance issues can be resolved expediently and professionally.

We talk your language and understand technical and plumbing matters and stand ready to support you throughout the specification and supply process, as well as providing support long into the future.

With great confidence in the quality of the products we sell, we are here to assist you in installing and maintaining your Client’s ultimate dream bathroom.