We have been working with Architects for decades, to ensure that the products we supply are suitable for the Project you are working on. We talk your language and we are always on hand to discuss the small details, which can make all difference in ensuring successful realisation of any bathroom Project.

We are frequently asked to help solve problems from other Suppliers, who take a one-size fits all approach. Our approach is to provide detailed technical information, to review Architect’s Plans and take a pro-active approach to recognising and overcoming any potential problems before they surface.

We always recommend that our Retail Client’s employ an Architect where possible and we are pleased to recommend professionals with whom we have worked previously and can testify to their ability. Architects can help transform a simple space, into a work of art and we always appreciate the input from a professional Architect, when working on any given Project.

Whether a large commercial building or a basic renovation in a family home, we are always on-hand to provide assistance to all Architect’s, to assist you in ensuring your Client’s are delighted with the results.